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I know I have a full life ahead of me but I don’t know how much longer I can take of it of what is getting thrown at me. There are things I want to get out but I never can because it’s too personal and I am scared to tell people how I really feel, because I always thought that no one really ever cared for me. They were there because they feel bad. And if I am right then I don’t want that. Because there is other people to worry about but I am just thankful for the people I got it my life now. If I didn’t attend AYC over Spring break, I wouldn’t be here. I would’ve just ended it but I didn’t! AYC helped a lot, and I am so thankful I went I feel a little bit stronger and better after I left! I am so happy I attended AYC again. If it wasn’t for the team my amazing friends that were there for me, I wouldn’t be the hyper, happier teenage girl I am now! I know this whole thing is weird but it’s true! Thanks to the AYC team and my friends for being there. Never would’ve made it this far without you!


Yea, Everyday I had a little doubt for me,

It was like a route for me ( going in circles).

Every day I thought I wasn’t worth it,
Like this happiness I didn’t deserve it.
Till one day I hit the curve to it,
Felt suicidal , never learned from it.
Tried to commit because of it.
Till one day I went to AYC,
Then I seen myself again.
Felt that I did have a purpose and that I was worth it.
I was brought closer to god,
I always asked why he wasn’t there,
I’ve sent prayers
Then realized he was always there,
He seen the treasures hidden deep inside of me,
Jesus Christ died for me,
Every day I look at my arms and see these scars,

where I had the devil inside of me.
He ate every little thing I had in me.
Made me feel like dying,
Till one day I almost did,
I was ready to let him get the best of me,
Then God saved me.
That moment I knew who to trust,
It’s like a patch of rust ,
He knows what’s best for me,
He seen the pain I suffered.”